Brief biography of yoga teacher Fiona Harley


In her life at various times, Fiona has been a musician, artist, journalist and public relations specialist, among forays into other careers and jobs.

She originally started practising yoga as a young teenager, and continued in some form for many years, but gradually, her practise of it grew less.  During a period when she had a very stressful job, Fiona began to suffer from chronic back problems and it was then she rediscovered her love of yoga – and its ability to heal – in the form of classes with David Sye of Yogabeats. After a few years she was inspired to teach yoga herself.

Following a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course in 2006, she completed an intensive teacher-training programme at The Life Centre, (now Yogacampus) one of London’s leading yoga training centres, and a BWY-accredited course, and started to teach classes and one-to-one sessions in Surrey and East London.

Fiona has drawn from various yoga traditions in developing her teaching style, including hatha, tantra, raja and jnana yoga.  Her classes include elements of viniyoga, kundalini, vinyasa flow, kriya and astanga.  She always includes some pranayama – breathing techniques – and meditation in the sessions.

She says: “The focus is on creating a safe, stimulating and fun environment for people to do yoga, and help them develop strength, flexibility, balance and improve their overall health. It is also to increase their knowledge of the more subtle aspects of yoga, and empower people to deal with the stress of modern life, manage their lives more productively and experience the abundance of love and joy inherent within us all.”

Fiona is a qualified teacher member of the British Wheel of Yoga and fully insured to teach yoga.